Honors Chemistry

5/26/2020 UPDATE
This is the last full unit to cover before "finals" and the end of the school year.  Toward the end of the week I will be posting information regarding the final, should you choose to take it.  Remember the final can slightly improve your grade, but cannot lower it; with that being said, it could also keep your grade the same.  It is optional and you do not need to take it.

This round of assignments picks up where we left off with a little more acid base titration and the hits on the final unit which covers equilibrium, reaction rates, nuclear chemistry and oxidation reduction (REDOX).  As always, if you have questions please let me know.  I will set up video chats by request at this point.  If you need help, reach out and I will schedule something.  Do to low attendance as of late, I will be emailing to gauge interest.   

Keep working hard and finish strong!

5/11/2020 UPDATE
Moving forward we have two units left to cover.  This round of assignments will talk about Solutions, Acids/Bases and Concentration.  We will also begin by touching upon phase changes and specific heat which sort of go along with last weeks assignments, but also kind of fit in here too.  Assignments are set up to do one a day, and to be completed by the end of the 2 week time frame.  Feel free to complete however you would like, knowing that assignments are due by Sunday May 24th 11:59pm.  If you have questions, as always, please ask.

***4/30/2020  ANSWER KEYS***
Please find below answer keys for current work and for past work.  This is to help guide you
, to receive full credit you MUST SHOW ALL YOUR WORK!

Round 2 Assignments.docx

Round 3 Assignments.docx

4/23/2020 UPDATE
These assignments are set up similar to last time, and this will be the trend moving forward, where everything is in one document.  I will break apart the pages into "assignments" which you can find below.  They are set up to be done once a day, but feel free to complete as you please with a "due date" of Sunday May 10th at 11:59pm.  In order to receive full "credit" the assignment must be completed within the completion period.  Please reach out if you have questions, I am typically always available.

4/6/2020 UPDATE

This round of assignments will look a little different.  I will be posting one long document, and then outlining what parts of that document are to be completed as an "assignment."  Feel free to do more or less on any given day, but in order to receive full "credit" the assignment must be completed within the completion period.  Please reach out if you have questions, I am typically always available.

Assignments for School Absence - March 16th-April 6th
** assignments are not listed for any given day and may take multiple days to complete, however, they are listed in order.

**video links have been inserted as well, however, other resources are available to your liking.  some other resources may include:

Khan Academy 


The Organic Chemistry Tutor

You are free to browse for any other resource you may like, please feel free to share if you find something helpful.

I will be readily available between 10a.m. and 12p.m. (Noon) Monday-Friday

You may contact me via email or, through the Remind app class code: @honorscje

You may also contact me at any other time and I will get back to you.

Assignments for 5/26/2020 - 6/5/2020
Chem Round 5.pdf

44 - Chemical Equilibrium 1.pptx




Reaction Rate
43 - Reaction Rates - 1.pptx



46 - Nuclear Chemistry1.pptx




Fission and Fusion

47 - Oxidation - Reduction - 1.pptx




Assignment 40
Titration Practice (page 1-2)

Assignment 41

Acid-Base Titration Practice (page 3-4)

Assignment 42

Le Chatelier's Principle (page 5-6) *** ONLY Equilibrium Shift Column****

Assignment 43
Reaction Rate WS (page 7-8)

Assignment 44
Nuclear Fission/Fusion WS (page 9-10)

Assignment 45
Nuclear Decay and Half Life (page 11-12)

Assignment 46

Nuclear Chemistry (page 13-14)

Assignment 47
Collision Theory and Catalysts (page 15-16)

Assignment 48
Oxidation-Reduction Practice (page 17-18)

Assignments for 5/11/2020-5/22/2020

Assignements 5-11 to 522-2020 Hon Chem.pdf

Phase Change
34 - Phase Changes (1).pptx


Specific Heat
35 - Heat Energy (1).pptx




Solutions, Concentration
36 - Solutions (1).pptx



Acids, Bases, pH
39 - Acids and Bases.pptx


Buffers and Titration
41 - Buffers-Titrations.pptx



Assignment 31

Heat Energy #1-10 ODD (page1-2)

Assignment 32
Phase Diagram WS (page 3-4)

Assignment 33
Solubility Curve WS (page 5-6)

Assignment 34
Concentration WS (page 7-8)

Assignment 35
Worksheet: Acids, Bases, and Salts (page 9-10)

Assignment 36
Acid Base Review (page 11-12)

Assignment 37
pH Practice (page 13-14)

Assignment 38
Colligative Properties (page 15-16)

Assignment 39
Acid/Base - Titration - Buffers (page 17-18)

Assignments for 4/23/2020-5/8/2020

Assignments 4-23 to 5-8-2020 Chemistry.pdf

Gas - http://www.bozemanscience.com/ap-chem-014-gases
29 - Charles-Boyles Law.pptx

30 - Gay Lussacs and Combined.pptx

31 - Ideal Gas Law.pptx

Grahams Law


32 - Partial Pressure and Diffusion.pptx

Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure

Assignment 18

Charles Law Worksheet #1-7

Assignment 19
Boyles Law Worksheet #1-9

Assignment 20
Boyles Law Worksheet #10-12

Assignment 21
Gay Lussac's Law Worksheet #1-4

Assignment 22
Gay Lussac's Law Worksheet #5-8

Assignment 23
Combined Law Worksheet #1-4

Assignment 24
Combined Law Worksheet #5-9

Assignment 25
Ideal Gas Law Worksheet #1-5

Assignment 26
Ideal Gas Law Worksheet #6-10

Assignment 27
Ideal Gas Law Worksheet (page 11/12) #1-5, True/False, Matching

Assignment 28
Worksheet - Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure

Assignment 29
Worksheet - Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure

Assignment 30
Graham's Law of Effusion #1-5

Assignments for the Week of 4/6/2020-4/17/2020

*****Week 4-6-20 to 4-17-2020 assignments.pdf*****

19 - Stoichiometry.docx

(stop viewing at 7:52!)

20 - Percent Yield.docx


22 - Limiting Reactants.docx

Assignment 7
Stoichiometric Calculations #1,2

Assignment 8
Stoichiometry Practice Worksheet

Assignment 9
Stoichiometry Practice Worksheet

Assignment 10
Stoichiometry Practice Worksheet 

Assignment 11
Percent Yield 1

Assignment 12
Worksheet: Percent Yield 2

Assignment 13 
Worksheet: Limiting Reactants

Assignment 14
Limiting Reactant Worksheet 2

Assignment 15
Limiting Reactant Worksheet 2

Assignment 16
Limiting Reactant and Percent Yield Worksheet

Assignment 17

Limiting Reactant and Perecent Yield Worksheet

Assignment 1

Intermolecular Forces WS.pdf
please complete pages 1, and then problems 1 and 2 on the second page. In order to do this, you will need to reference your "Molecular Shape" Worksheet.

Assignment 2

20 - Percent Composition Empirical Formula.pptx
16 - Percent Composition & Empirical Formula.docx
Percent Composition and Empirical Formula WS.pdf

Assignment 3

Moles Molecules and Grams WS.pdf

More Lewis Structures Practice WS.pdf

Chemistry Mole Quiz.pdf

Assignment 4

POGIL Balancing Act.pdf
POGIL Balancing Chemical Equations.pdf
Balancing Equations WS.pdf

Assignment 5

23 - Types of Reactions.pptx
18 - Types of Reactions.docx
Balancing and Types WS.pdf
POGIL Types of Reactions.pdf



Assignment 6

19 - Stoichiometry.docx
POGIL Mole Ratios.pdf
Stoichiometry WS.pdf
Thermal and Gas Stoichiometry Notes and WS.pdf

(stop viewing at 7:52!)

Where you can turn to after this:

20 - Percent Yield.docx
22 - Limiting Reactants.docx

*please see "Documents" page for syllabus, description of projects, and other important information

Labs Lab 1 - Self design - Fortune Telling Fish
Lab 2 - Forensics
Lab 3 - Spectra Lab
Lab 4 - Flame Test
Lab 5 - Trends Lab

Quizzes Safety Quiz - Thur 1/23/20
Chem/Physical Quiz - 1/29/2020
Atomic Theory Quiz - W 2/12/2020
Light Quiz - Wed 2/26/2020
Formula Quiz - T 3/10/2020
Lewis Quiz  - F 3/13/2020

Test 1 - Fri 2/7/20
Test 2 - Wed 3/4/2020
Test 3 - Th 3/19/2020

Quarter 4 
Mole project due Tue 6/2/2020
Chemeastry Egg due Th 4/9/2020

 Quarter 3
Element Due 2/28/202
Fakebook due 3/20/2020


Quarter 3 Assignments
HW1 - Intro Info
HW 2 - Do's and Don;ts in lab
HW 3 - Desity WS
HW 4 - Chemical and Physical Properties WS
HW 5 - Chemical and Physical Changes WS
HW 6 - SI Conversion WS
HW 7 - Powers of 10 WS
HW 8 - Sig Fig WS
HW 9 - Dimensional Analysis WS
HW 10 - Dimensional Analysis extra practice WS
HW 11 - Test 1 study guide
HW 12 - Parts of an Atom
HW 13 - average atomic mass
HW 14 - e- configuration ws
HW 15 - dot notation ws
HW 16 - orbital notation ws
HW 17 - Light Ws
HW 18 - Periodic Table WS
HW 19 - Periodic Trends WS
HW 20 - Test 2 Study Guide
HW 21 - Ion Grid
HW 22 - covalent WS
HW 23 - Naming Both WS
HW 24 - Emprical Formula and Molar Mass WS
HW 25 - Lewis WS
HW 27 - Mole WS