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Mr. Fredette

Ware Public Schools is pleased to announce Mr. David Fredette as the new Assistant Principal at Ware Junior Senior High School. Mr. Fredette holds an administrative license in both middle and high school administration. Mr. Fredette’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Middle School Administration from Fitchburg State College and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in School Administration from American International College.

Mr. Fredette has spent 14 years teaching middle school ELA in both Worcester and Holden. He was also an Assistant Principal for 3 years in Sterling and a Principal in Gardner for 6 years. Mr. Fredette shares, “My educational philosophy and moral imperative is firmly rooted in power of positive relationships. Building strong, meaningful, positive relationships with students, staff, and families is the key to everyone’s success. Building relationships on a foundation of trust, respect, love, and empathy, allows all stakeholders to feel and see their value. From there, all student’s potential is limitless.”

You can find Mr. Fredette enjoying hobbies that include watching all types of sports, including baseball, basketball and football. There is always music playing wherever he goes, at home, in the car or his office. He also loves to garden and specializes in growing tomatoes and super hot chili peppers. He shares, “I never take myself too seriously. I love to have fun, joke and enjoy my life.” Mr. Fredette lives with his wife, who is a Health/PE teacher in the Nashoba District, along with a son who is an amazing baseball player and daughter who is an incredible artist.

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