First Semester Final Exam Schedule

First Semester Final Exam Schedule
Posted on 01/07/2016
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The first semester final exam schedule is posted below. Please be mindful of the fact that January 15th is a half day for students, and there is no school on January 18th. Students should remain in school to review for the following day's exams. Students will only be dismissed from school after their exams with a signed parent note. All notes must be presented to the main office the day before in order to inform cafeteria staff.

Final Exam Schedule January 2016

                Order of Periods                              Exams

1/14-     A B1 C D                                                A B1

1/15-     D B2                                                       D B2

1/19-     A B1 C D                                               C and Make-Ups A B1 D

1/20-     D B2 C A                                               B2 Make-Up, Grades close