Country Bank Credit for Life Fair

WJSHS hosts Country Bank's Credit For Life Fair 2024
Posted on 03/13/2024
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Today, WJSHS welcomed seniors from Palmer and Belchertown to Country Bank’s Credit For Life Fair. Country Bank is a founding partner of Credit For Life, which hosts the interactive financial literacy fair. During today's fair, students chose a career and coordinating salary then navigated their way through day-to-day expenses, such as housing, grocery shopping, clothing, utilities, and more. They were also able to visit a Reality Check booth where they had a chance to get a surprise expense or possibly a bonus at work. Temptation awaited at the Fun, Fun, Fun booth where they could purchase something fun such as a new phone, TV or trip. This fair is a great tool for these seniors as they will soon be making these financial decisions after graduation.
To learn more about Credit For Life and to find online resources for high schoolers and young adults, please visit
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