STEM Catapult Competition

STEM Catapult Competition
Posted on 10/24/2022
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Last Friday, Oct 21st, was Ms. Lessore's finale of the 8th grade STEM week project. The project presented a problem- there are two islands, one has plenty of supplies and food, the other has none. Groups of 3-4 students brainstormed how to come up with a design for a catapult that would launch food and supplies to the barren island. Each group had a budget and a list of supplies that could be used.
Their goal was to launch the ball and have it land closest to the center of the target (bullseye.)
The mini catapults were (supposedly) prototypes to make a full-size catapult to carry out the plan. The ball represented a bundle of supplies and/or food. Labeled design drawings were made prior to construction.
One group from each block won a round during the week. Friday was the day the winning group from each block competed against each other. They had 2 practice shots followed by 3 game shots to try to get the highest score.
to E block being the ultimate winners!

Check out some of the pictures below!